Case Studies

Kids Play Area

Resene has now joined forces with Scentre Group BrandSpace as the new associate sponsor for the Westfield Kids Play Areas on a portfolio wide basis.

After the expiry of the Persil sponsorship, the BrandSpace team took a new level sponsorship out to market and Resene, a prominent brand that plays and has fun with all forms of advertising. Resene took up the sponsorship and had some fun with our kids play areas.

The new exterior features Resene’s infamous splats and a great mix of primary colours pouring from paint cans. Resene were a perfect fit and complement to the existing organic splat centre piece of the Kids Play Area design.

Not only featuring on the exterior, you will find the new Resene corner inside the Kids Play Areas, all featuring the Resene Toucan character. Some have a custom splat wall game for kids to spin and interact with, and others have had a Resene sponsored photo spot where kids can pretend they are in a rocket with Monty headed to space – great for mum to snap photos.

Monty is loving his new painting craft and welcomes the Kids into the space, along with our new partner Resene.