Case Studies


Nestlé ran a promotion to promote MILO and engage with the Westfield shopper by creating a fun an interactive activity.

The MILO ‘Give it a Go Zone’ promotion encouraged customers to have a go at shooting a basketball into a hoop, alongside MILO sampling with free goody bags to take home. They activated in four Westfield centres in premium locations in proximity to School Holiday activity providing good visibility. The brief was to drive one on one interactions creating hype around their brand and encourage product purchase.

MILO is a well-known brand and promotes itself as a great nourishing drink that helps kids get the essential vitamins & nutrients they need to take on the day. Which is why setting up an activity that would be well received by both parents and kids was a great way to market their brand and get the Westfield shopper involved.

Experiential activity in a Westfield centre is a fantastic way to create brand awareness, promote sales and engage with the consumer directly. Nestlé delivered an experience that was fun, interactive and relevant to the MILO brand and customer.